Friday, March 13, 2009

narrative report



On the day of February 21, 2009 we, NSTP Students, Practical Nursing Students and Nursing Aid Students of AMA Computer College Santiago Campus assembled at the Heritage Building at exactly 7:30 in the morning then we go to the place where we will implement the program and then we implemented a program for children and their parents. The program was Feeding program for a nourish body and Health care program for a healthy body. This program was implemented at Brgy. Malvar Santiago City at exactly 8:00 in the morning. The program was facilities by S1 NSTP students.

Before we start the program we gathered the children and their parents at the community center of the said venue after that we started the program at exactly 8:00.

At the first part of the program an invocation was done by a S1 student then an acknowledgement. While the program is starting other NSTP students is assisting the other children and parents who would like to join the program. After the acknowledgement and invocation is the National Anthem by an S1 representative. For the introduction, the nursing Students representatives tell a story about healthy child and unhealthy child and encourage them to choose healthy and nutritious food to eat. Almost 90 children are entertained from their story they also let some children sing some song like Bahay-kubo and Hawak kamay.

The most entertaining was the stop dancing performed by the kids, assisted by the S1 BSIT students, their background music were single ladies by beyonce, Hot and Cold by Katy Perry and Giling-giling by Willie Revillame. Then a hephep hurey assisted by the MC.

The Brgy. Official welcomed the AMA Computer College for the next program for feeding, and the Brgy. Will be the sponsor, they gratefully thanked the AMACC NSTP students.

When it was the time for the giving of food and health care supplies, every child acquired foods and drink and of course, their health care supplies to improve cleanliness.

The last part, the every NSTP students choose a partner child to teach on how to brush their teeth by the proper way. The host in front demonstrated on how to apply the proper way of brushing

After the program, we guide the children to exit carefully and we cleaned the venue. The program successfully ended at exactly 5:00 in the afternoon and we hope that no more children will be malnourish.

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