Sunday, March 15, 2009

narrative report on tree planting



Day of March 1, 2009, we NSTP students conducted a tree planting program at Brgy. Illot Cordon, Isabela. The program was for a green environment.
We, NSTP students first assembled at the Heritage Building at exactly 7:00 in the morning as the DENR requested and for the checking of the attendance. We arrived at the venue at exactly 7:15, there we assembled our tree guards after that we get the seedlings to be planted there a DENR representative assisted us where to plant the seedlings. We planted the seedlings after that we put tree guards and last we watered the seedlings. The tree planting activity was successfully done, we totally planted 200 trees. The tree planting ended at exactly 12:00. Now we hope that every community will be green because of the trees.

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